Volunteers needed in Northern Greece (Veria)

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20. May 2017
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Hi guys, 

We're looking for volunteers in the coming months to join us on Veria Camp in Northern Greece. There are around 200 residents on the camp and Bridge2 provides a multitude of services including:

  • A supermarket - this runs during the week and we serve the entire camp each time.
  • A clothes store - residents can collect clothes on an ad hoc basis.
  • A shoe shop - same as above.
  • Men's and women's space.
  • A community kitchen - we don't cook but it is a fully functional kitchen with ovens and utensils available, we allow residents to use this anytime when we are on the camp.
  • Kids activities - inventive people are most welcome! 
  • Vegetable gardens - with the help of some wonderful volunteers and organisations we have established 4x Vegetable Gardens where we are growing a host of plants.


Ideally volunteers will commit to 2 weeks or more. Longer term volunteers are even better.  Please let us know your preferred dates, below are upcoming dates that we definitely need volunteers. 

  • Aug 13th - Sept 16th - up to 2 people
  • Sept 30th - onwards - up to 3 people 
  • We are looking  for longer term volunteers for 2/3 months periods 
  • Long term volunteer (6 months) needed to be the assistant in running the Bridge2 operation on site.


Please get in touch via our sign up portal - www.bridge2.gg/volunteer - you will be sent a full information sheet including travel and accommodation recommendations

To see our day to day operations please check out  

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bridge2refugees 

Insta: semajmas

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