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4. April 2017
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The IYCF Coordinator is the main technical reference person in the field for infant feeding (especially if IBCLC certified). The IYCF Coordinator oversees implementation of Infant and Young Child Feeding Support and Counselling, in accordance with NPI’s SOPs, the WHO Code for Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes and the Operational Guidelines for Infant Feeding in Emergencies.  


Technical Program Support:

  • The IYCF Coordinator will be in the field on a daily basis and will be ensuring appropriate follow up and management of women and babies in the field as needed.
  • Work very closely with the midwives and lactation consultants and ensure all volunteers are working within NPI’s scope of work and policies and procedures for IYCF support.
  • Provide internal capacity building and orientation on IYCF-E counselling and support to volunteers as needed.
  • Oversee complex IYCF cases. When in doubt about a plan, consult an IBCLC within the team (including manager if IBCLC certified) or virtual team.
  • Oversee visit of pregnant women who have just delivered (either at hospital or home) and coordinate care with the Maternal Health Coordinator.
  • In coordination with Maternal Health Coordinator, ensure families are referred to necessary services where medical complications arise.
  • In coordination with the Maternal Health Coordinator and M&E and Support Coordinator, develop daily plan and work schedule for volunteers.

Project Implementation:

  • Attend weekly meetings with field manager and coordinators as required.
  • In coordination with the other coordinators, assist with driving teams to the field.
  • Support the volunteers in their daily activities in coordination with the other coordinators in the field (mainly the Maternal Health Coordinator and M&E and Support Coordinator).
  • Work closely with the Field Manager, Maternal Health Coordinator and M&E and Support Coordinator to develop a plan and schedule for the daily work in the various sites hotels, flats/apartments, camps etc.  
  • Support the In-Field Volunteer Coordinator with the daily debriefings and morning briefings of volunteers.
  • Support the development of NPI country program; assess opportunities for expansion in coordination with the Field Manager.

Data Collection, Monitoring & Reporting:

  • Ensure complete and up-to-date documentation of all IYCF support and counselling work and follow up care is done for all families using the relevant assessment forms.
  • In coordination with the Maternal Health Coordinator, M&E and Support Coordinator and Field Manager, ensure the up-to-date maintenance of the Master Excel sheet and feeding and maternal health care plans.
  • Ensure all daily data collection sheets are correctly filled out. Compile all sheets on a daily basis and hand them to the M&E and Support Coordinator for data entry and filing.  

Program Supplies & Procurement:

  • Ensure that enough RUIF or PIF (depending on age of infant) is available for families after full assessment. RUIF or PIF will ONLY be provided on a case to case basis, based on NPI SOPs for BMS and discussed with other IBCLC in the team.  
  • Work closely with the Maternal Health and Logistics Coordinators and Field Manager to ensure that RUIF or PIF supply is appropriate according to feeding plan and age.


  • Strong preference for IBCLC holders.
  • Desirable degree in Midwifery (Nursing, Nutrition may be considered if holder of IBCLC) with up-to-date IYCF training.
  • Past experience in infant and young child feeding support is necessary; experience in infant and young child feeding in emergencies is a plus.
  • A good level of English. Arabic, Farsi and Kurdish skills are desirable. Greek would be an advantage.


  • This position is open to women only due to the nature of the work and the cultural requirements in the field.


  • Successful applicants will be given accommodation and a stipend once approved.
  • Minimum of 6 weeks commitmen

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