Spotters needed to watch the waters on the north coast of Lesvos for incoming refugee boats

16. May 2017
Tags: search and rescue | general support | Greek Islands: Lesvos | ASAP

We have set up a land crew operation and we need volunteers to fulfil the mission. This is a voluntary position right at the coalface of the refugee crisis. What we need is to cover shifts watching the water with binoculars, telescopes and our night vision equipment. This way we will have advanced warning of approaching boats that are usually laden with desperate refugees trying to get to the north shore of Lesvos. When we confirm a boat sighting we alert the search and rescue boats and the landing teams to an imminent arrival somewhere on the shoreline. 

Operations such as ours have kept thousands of people from dying unnecessarily over the past two years. Join us. 

Application can be found here: http://www.refugeerescue.co.uk/land-crew/

To speak to the land crew coordinator in Lesvos directly email: refugeerescuevolunteers@gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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