Looking for an experienced volunteer Youth Worker to support Refugee Education Chios (minimum 2 months)

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27. March 2017
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Refugee Education is seeking a long-term youth worker 

Refugee Education Chios is founded and managed by the NGO “be aware and share” (BAAS). We are a non-profit organisation from Switzerland established in September 2015 with the original aim to provide and distribute clothing and food for refugees travelling on the so called “Balkan Route”. 

After a series of short term humanitarian relief operations, we decided to set up a long term crisis response project on the island of Chios, Greece. Over a three month period we ensured food security, distributed clothing and provided emergency support on the shores of Chios Island. After it became impossible for refugees to pass the borders in Europe, in May 2016 we adapted our working strategies to the new situation and established Refugee Education Chios. 

From starting with one school with two classrooms, we have successfully, over the last ten months, built the largest education system for refugee children on Chios Island, with two non-formal schools and a youth centre. In a constant environment of stress, uncertainty and boredom, we have responded to the need for structured and meaningful daily routines that take children out of the horrid conditions of the camps and attempt to establish a sense of normality.

These institutions are all voluntary run.


We are looking for someone with the desire to make a difference in the lives of young people who are stuck on Chios Island. You will work alongside our youth centre coordinator to ensure we continue to provide the essential service to teenagers and young adults between the ages of 14-22 years old. The youth centre has proven to be vital in supporting young refugees through the terrible situation here in Greece.


As a volunteer youth worker, you'll need to:

  • assess the needs of young people, and plan and deliver programmes related to areas such as health and fitness
  • regularly monitor and review the quality of the youth work provision;
  • run arts-based activities, community/environmental projects, residential activities, outdoor education and sporting activities;
  • befriend and support young people through this difficult period
  • mentor, coach and support individuals and encourage greater social inclusion;
  • work in partnership with professionals from other organisations that support young people such as social workers and psychologist

All accomodation and transport on the Island is covered by the organisation.

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