URGENT - Volunteers needed for camp in Northern Greece - from 22nd Jan

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11. January 2017
Tags: general support | logistics / warehouses | Greece: North and East | cooking / food | admin / coordination | work with kids | drivers license | tech / IT | short-term | long-term | ASAP | ongoing

We're urgently looking for volunteers from the 22nd January on Veria Camp, situated near to Thessaloniki. Volunteers for other times also most welcome to apply! Bridge2 setup on camp in October and now run a free supermarket, clothes shop, a shoetique, men's space, women's space and activities for both children and adults alike. Ideally volunteers would come for a minimum of 2 weeks, we're also looking for long term volunteers too! We need up to 8 people at any one time to run the camp efficiently. Please check out our site for further information and to sign up - www.bridge2.gg/projects/greece - or sign up directly at www.bridge2.gg/volunteer. Hope to speak with some of you soon! x

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