Volunteer call for northern Greece - Nea Kavala - February and March

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30. January 2017
Tags: logistics / warehouses | general support | Greece: North and East | environmental | construction | cooking / food | language | ongoing | short-term | long-term | ASAP

A Drop in the Ocean is in need of volunteers ongoing from February 15ht. Are you able to join us for 10 days or more? You will be apart of a great team and make the world a better place. The team are based in Polykastro an we work in Nea Kavala, a camp with mostly Syrian people. We are running a market where we distribute clothes and NFI`s. In addition to this we are distributing packs with veggies every week and dry food items. Our work includes distribution from the market, warehouse logistic and sorting of clothes in our warehouse. Contact: frivillig@hotmail.com

Please notice that we have a lower age limit set to 25 years old.

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