Volunteers for independent Cultural Center wanted!

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2. January 2018
Tags: general support | Greece: North and East | work with kids | construction | admin / coordination | arts / sports / music | long-term | ongoing

In order to keep Bê Sînor (kurdish for no border) running we need volunteers who can work independently, organize their own workshps, build stuff or help in coordination work. Specially needed are:

Women space facilitator/coordinator;
- Builders, Crafty/handy people;
- Sporty people to run our sport activities;
- Art people willing to facilitate workshops, give classes or do other activities;

- Co-Coordinator: If you are good in organizing, we also look for longterm volunteers helping with coordination tasks.

If you have an own project that you would want to realize, let us know about it - we'll find a way to make it possible. Having a car is a big plus, since the camp is not very well connected to public transport. It takes about 1 hour from Thessaloniki. By car its about 20min. If you can't afford a car, we'll also find a way to take you, but having a car is a plus. If you got a minimum of two weeks, please get in touch.

Please mail to besinor@protonmail.com to get in touch.



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