Midwives, lactation consultants, breastfeeding supports, IBCLCs, nutritionists and nurses needed

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27. January 2017
Tags: medical / health care | Greece: North and East | long-term

Nurture Project International is a US based, grassroots, nonprofit that provides relief to communities affected by disaster, crisis, or trauma. By engaging experienced and qualified volunteers we are able to respond quickly to emergencies and provide rapid assessments, trainings, and grassroots support to local communities. Nurture Project International is focused on providing support to the refugee population in Europe and the Middle East. We are looking for technical volunteers experienced in infant feeding support such as IBCLCs, midwives, peer supporters, health visitors, nurses, nutritionists, breastfeeding counselors, IFE experts, and support personnel to volunteer in Greece. Please email Volunteer@NurtureProjectInternational.org for more information and to apply. www.nurtureprojectinternational.org

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