Innovative and all-inclusive co-working makerspace in Lesbos (Kara Tepe)
3. June 2018
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The LATRA Innovation Lab is an innovation studio specializing in circular design, environmental engineering & big-data digital applications for the humanitarian sector. In response to the European refugee crisis, LATRA ( established a technology driven makerspace in the KARA TEPE Refugee Camp in Lesvos-Greece, where it implements innovation-led, open source projects directly on the field, and advocates for the equitable development of beneficiaries through STEM learning programs. LATRA’s goal is to empower the beneficiaries with STEM skills, in order to jointly implement innovative projects on the field & connect through technology migrant and local communities to promote peace and justice. LATRA has developed a European-wide consortium of governments, social organizations, knowledge institutions and financiers with the aim to create an on-the-field incubator that fosters innovation, allows for acceleration in social entrepreneurship, empowers economic growth through STEM skills, and develops all-inclusive hands-on learning experiences that assist in integration. LATRA has developed humanitarian workshops in S. Africa, UK and Greece, and in 2016 organized 'CORE RELIEF', the 1st International  Humanitarian  Design  Workshop in Lesvos, focusing on applications of innovative technology in the provision of humanitarian aid ( LATRA is a member of the global UNICEF Design Pool and the work has been published widely and exhibited internationally. Projects can be found in locations ranging from Lesvos to London, and built projects in Greece and South Africa. The LATRA Innovation Lab currently has projects in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, UK, Qatar and Greece.

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