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6. September 2016
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We, members from the Global Ecovillage Network in Europe (, are all affected and saddened by the extreme uprooting of hundreds of thousands of people forced to flee their homes. As we know, many existing and emerging communities stand for a different, peaceful development in our world. Many members of our communities are already active locally, offering faith and hope to those fleeing war zones and arriving in Europe with little more than the clothes they are wearing. The initiative is run by a 9-person international coordination team but operations are done by twin communities: Operational responsibility was shouldered during November and December by Skala (Greece) and Suderbyn (Sweden) ecovilages supported by the GEN Europe office. In January and February Heilhaus (Germany) and Scheibenalp (Switzerland) will take care of operations (financial management, volunteer placement, reporting, support to the team). They are to hand over to Los Portales (Spain) and Schloss Garisegg (Switzerland) for March-April. It is not yet decided which communities will take over for May and June.

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