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collection and distribution of humanitarian aid that is consistent, fair and dignified
25. March 2018
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Tags: logistics / warehouses | protection / work with kids | general support | infrastructure | Greece: North and East | food

We believe that everybody has a right to dignity and Europe is failing people who have fled war. We put dignity first and act quickly to improve refugees’ health, wellbeing and opportunities. And by spending locally, we also support local communities.

No special skills are required but we are looking for people to volunteer for between 2 and 4 weeks who can fund their own travel and accommodation (assume that you will need between €20-€35 a day depending on the accommodation options). And we have even more love for volunteers who can raise money for us. You can find out more about volunteering by reading our volunteer stories.   We work hard to co-operate with others and adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards. To support those standards, all our volunteers need to sign an Agreement and we also have a Code of Conduct for behaviour on the camp.

The core of what we do is dignified shopping with pioneering mini-markets and clothes boutiques but we also run a language school, community kitchen, warehouses, kids activities and play a central role on the camps to make life a little better for the residents until they can move on.

You can see the range of services we are offering after just 10 months in Alexandreia and Filippiada here.  We are also in the process of building a highly dignified shopping arcade for new arrivals in Katsikas in April.  We post daily updates on our facebook page

Accepts volunteers under 21.

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