Soul Food Kitchen

providing food on the streets of Thessaloniki
21. October 2016
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Tags: logistics / warehouses | infrastructure | Greece: North and East | food

Hi guys/girls! For those who wish to join our Team, here's a brief description of how your life might look like while working with us. Any previous experience is good, but not mandatory. We need your commitment and not expertise. We need you either for a week or a month or over winter :) Accommodation is on own expense and so is coming to the warehouse. But we can assist with informations :) Our kitchen operates in a warehouse extension. The warehouse hosts several volunteers and projects. Have a look at the photos on our Facebook page to get an idea of where your work would be. And the word of one of volunteers in the warehouse: »Being a volunteer is no holidays. Some days it is hard work from early morning to late night.« Our longterm volunteers live around warehouse, either in vans or self-made cabins or trailers. They drink coffee in big quantities and smoke :) Personal belongings are few, clothes are worn out and there's no place or time for extensive make-up :P So if you see yourself fitting in send a message via Facebook, and we will gladly respond. For Slovenian audience here's a link to original reportage about volunteers' life and more. For English audience we prepared a rough translation, don't blame us for grammar mistakes, please The english text is available upon request :)

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