Salam Cultural Museum Medical Missions (SCM)

bringing relief and aid to people affected by conflict and natural disaster within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region
30. September 2016
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Tags: medical / health care | Greece: North and East

In the Jordanian refugee camps and in Greece, we have been saving lives and helping to restore dignity to those who have lost everything. This is the greatest humanitarian crisis since World War II and SCM is a constant presence on the ground, treating each person as an individual with a history and hopes for the future. Our main actions are currently: --to medically assist refugees arriving in Greece, --to send medical and humanitarian supplies to Jordan and Greece, --to send medical missions to the camps in Jordan and to Greece, --to distribute food aid to refugees in Jordan. We operate an ongoing drive to collect clothing, toys, medical supplies, wheelchairs, walkers, blankets, and other supplies that we send by container to Jordan. SCM has, to date, shipped over 300,000 lbs (136,077 kg) of badly-needed supplies to the region. We have an active team of administrators and volunteers in Greece and Jordan who work with local authorities and other NGOs to ensure that the refugees are receiving the best possible care and assistance we can give them. Volunteer form:

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