Doliana Solidarity Project

a team of independent volunteers who believe education is a right
30. September 2016
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Tags: logistics / warehouses | protection / work with kids | education | general support | Greece: West | tech / IT | admin / coordination | food

Our programmes at Doliana camp: --The Library Until now, all lessons and activities held by Doliana Solidarity Project have taken place inside the camp under difficult and inconsistent conditions. Our volunteers are in the process of renovating a local building into a two-room learning and recreation centre, The Library, opening the 1st of October. All scheduled activities and lessons will be relocated to The Library. The centre will also provide an informal space for residents of Doliana to socialize outside the camp. --Language Lessons Most residents of Doliana camp hope to resettle in Europe, but have little to no prior experience with English and German. Our project offers regular language courses for all age-groups as well as one-on-one support. --Computer Literacy Once a week, an external team of volunteers joins our project to train refugees of all ages in computer literacy. --Social Support In addition to our programmes, our volunteers use the project's facilities and their spare time to develop a relationship with the community. The Library will offer social activities, such as game nights and film screenings. We are also in the process of developing arts and athletics programmes, which we hope to offer from October.

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