Team Bananas

Team Bananas is handing out bananas daily to children in several camps in the Thessaloniki area in Greece as well as in rural areas in western Turkey
6. September 2016
Tags: Greece: North and East | food

Team Bananas is a collective of volunteers from all over the world who have gone to the Aegean to help with the crisis that has been inflicted on people fleeing from war. Over fifty thousand people, many of them children, are trapped in Greece, the vast majority stuck in miliary camps. While these camps are forced to provide the basic necessities for its occupants, much of the food given is lacking in nutrition. Bananas are packed with nutrients, are easy to eat, and don't need washing. The situation for the stranded people across the Aegean is much more bleak. Team Bananas is working with around 700 people forced to work in farm camps in Western Turkey. While the state and international NGOs in Greece are providing the basic needs for the refugees there, these people receive no other forms of aid. Therefore, Team Bananas provides rice, oil, flour, bedding, shelter and other necessities, Starting with 4 boxes of bananas (400 bananas) in the beginning of March, Team Bananas was providing the children of Idomeni around 4,500 children with a nutritious breakfast everyday, Bananas supply a healthy breakfast in an otherwise unpredictable day. Phone: +33 6 63 33 57 51

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