Art Angels Relief Team

Art, Sewing, Music Refugee Community. Creating Healing Learning Empowering Spaces. Sharing knowledge, skills through Artistic expressions. Connecting
6. September 2016
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Tags: general support | Greek Islands: Lesvos

ART- Angels Relief Team is an ART, Sewing,Music Refugee Community. Project and idea of Angela Ma.Arbeláez & Interfaith Intercultural Dialogue Group under 1 sky. Creating Healing Learning Spaces with displaced kids,youth,women & local population affected by the " experience of forced migration."(1) Sharing our- their knowledge,skills with Art, Music. Connecting within us with creativity and opening new spaces of communication through the Artistic expression and dialogue. "The aestheticisation of an painful and tragic experience"(2) is one of our goals. Drawings,objects used to escape and reach the shores,voices and personal life experiences collected through our activities are a testimony for today and future generations. Giving the opportunity both locals and displaced minors,adults to know each other. Giving humanitarian support and relief to those in need. ART Angels Relief Team. E.mail:

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