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  15. February 2016

Asylum info: Germany, Switzerland, Greece (folder)

Link to folder continuing information on the asylum process in (so far) Greece, Germany and Switzerland. Larger PDFs inside. (Current as of February 2016.)

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  11. March 2016

Relocation program info

Compiled by w2eu

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  11. March 2016

Legal contacts for refugees in Greece

Collected by the Elena organization. List of legal aid groups and other NGOs offering legal support.

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  8. March 2016

RefuComm communication for refugees

As of October 2016, single best one-stop legal info point for refugees in Greece. Practical bulletins about asylum, relocation and reunification procedures, in Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish, and some in Pashto and Urdu. Pre-registration flowchart from UNHCR is here ("Legal pathways flowchart"), with helpful color-coding. "Preparing for your asylum interview" section, including a long list of questions that may be asked.

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  9. March 2016

Greece asylum info in 18 languages

What to say to claim asylum in Greece. Note that this guide is somewhat out of date--it was *not* written for the current situation, and is not totally accurate in some spots. But for an overview, and in the absence of other details, it is a helpful starting point.

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  14. July 2016

Social benefits for refugees in Greece -- master lists

Collection of PDFs listing organizations providing support, in a variety of categories (food, Greek language lessons, psychological support, accommodation, education, legal and medical support). Allegedly in multiple languages, but currently (mid-July 2016) seeing only English. All info was collected April-June; not certain of plans to keep updated.

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  27. September 2016

Official Greek government: Info for asylum for people arrived after March 20, 2016

In Greek, English, Arabic, Dari

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  30. September 2016

Sixth EU report on relocation and resettlement -- September 2016

"Boring and nerdy" -- you were warned :) -- "but a really reliable informative look into the problems surrounding relocation, how it's progressing and how the Greek Asylum Service is functioning behind the scenes."

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  30. September 2016

RefuComm YouTube channel

For refugees who don't read, RefuComm maintains this helpful collection of videos. Always expanding!

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  6. October 2016

Appointment search tool / full appointment list.

Find your appointment time using your registration number. If that fails, consult the entire list of appointments, through April 2017, sorted by registration number:

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  29. October 2016

W2EU Welcome to Greece guide

Arabic: Farsi: PDFs in all languages: This guide includes a whole chapter on the special situation on the islands for all refugees arrived since March 20, 2016, in addition to a larger section for those on the mainland, plus detailed information on family reunification and relocation, plus a lot of useful contacts mainly in Athens and Thessaloniki.

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  29. October 2016

Return Watch (Turkey)

Monitors treatment of refugees forcibly returned to Turkey. Contact for legal support if needed; click 'contact form' for link to secure browser form.

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  1. December 2016

LGBTQ support orgs

Link to Facebook post listing major organizations and help centers in Athens. Many are also listed in the Places directory on this site (search 'LGBT').

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  12. January 2017

Refugees 2 Refugees R2R Solidarity Call Center

Refugee-staffed call center, based in Thessaloniki. +302311180903 (Mon - Fri 10.00 - 16.00) FacebooK: 

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  13. October 2017

IOM Legal Guide for Practitioners

Quite technical (as it's geared for lawyers, not directly for refugees), but useful if you want to know specific language of various pertinent laws.

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  27. December 2017

Translations and samples of how to fill in the Greek M1 Tax Form

From Simply Human.  This for getting an AΦΜ (AFM). Here the form is translated into English, Farsi, Arabic and French. There are also 2 samples of the form filled out to assist.  ***These are not official translations and not authorized by the Greek Authority.*** They are merely meant to assist individuals in filling out the Greek M1 Tax ID Form. The form can be picked up at the tax office. Just ask for the M1. It will be a purple/pink color. You will also need:-your ID -2 photo copies of your ID

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