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  10. February 2016

Refugee Phrasebook

Giant compilation of phrases in many languages. In a Google Sheet; better used on a laptop than a phone.

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  15. February 2016

Communication icons

Sheet of common icons for nonverbal communication -- just point! (Different version, simpler, in color:

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  15. February 2016

German - Arabic - Dari/Farsi phrase list for volunteers

With Greek at the bottom.

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  15. February 2016

English - Arabic - Dari/Farsi phrase list for volunteers

With a bit of Greek at the bottom!

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  10. February 2016

Communications Google Drive

Public folder for all signs, phrase lists and other tools for communicating with refugees. (Most developed on the island of Lesvos, so some are very location-specific.)

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  17. January 2018

QR card system

What is the QR card system/ QR services The QR card system is a project to hand out a unique QR card to every refugee. The card contains a QR code that can be scanned with smart phones or laptops. With this card the card holder can get goods, food, appointments, etc. The software behind the QR code makes sure that the card holder gets only as much as he or she is entitled to. Eg. a community kitchen might give out one meal a day per person. With the card, this is ensured. Services A `QR service` of simply `service` defines what the QR card can be used for. After the service is defined, the service can read a QR card and count items distributed, add a card holder to a time slot or queue, add virtual currency to the card holder account, etc. There are three main function at present: count items, get position in a queue (with or without date) virtual currency/credit for shopping The Advantage The issuing of the card is done by a special team. The NGO is therefore released of any registration work. If you want to count the items you give away, just create a new service and scan the card when giving away the items. No more headache with registering people, typing numbers, etc. Just use the service on a smart phone, scan the card and the card holder is regeistered as having  received an item. How does it work in practice First, a new service has to be created. The service defines the items a card holder can get within a certain time span. E.g. 3 chai per day, 1 pair of socks per week, etc. After that, just open the browser on your smart phone and start the QR scanning. Then the service will count every QR card you hold into the camera. The scanning is so fast that it can read about one card in 2 seconds! If that is not fast enough, you can use multiple phones at the same time. Conclusion The QR card system makes registration for NGOs superfluous and processing very fast. It counts item receieved by each card holder and ensures that everyone gets as many items as he or should. This makes any distribution fast, fair, easy.

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  19. February 2018


App for live translation / interpretation specifically for communication with refugees. Anonymous use is possible. Connects via Facebook Messenger.

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  11. June 2016

Rapid Response Refugee Translators

Facebook group with a pool of translators available to help with projects in many languages.

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  6. October 2016


Translators on call via video.

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  8. November 2016

WhatsApp groups -- master list

See this post on FB for instructions on how to join various WhatsApp groups (including translation ones)

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  30. April 2017

Greek language learning materials for migrants and refugees

Free download of basic Greek material.  (You will need to already know the alphabet, however.) (Direct link to PDF:

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  16. May 2017

Working with Kurdish Sorani Speaking Patients -- Medical (and more) Phrasebook

Good basic Sorani (the Kurdish dialect written in Arabic script, more common among Iraqi Kurds). Medical terms, but also more general words too.

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  26. June 2017

Translators Without Borders App

Phone app with useful glossaries for Arabic, Farsi (Dari), and both Kurmanji and Sorani Kurdish. 

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  5. July 2017

Odysseas Greek Language Tutor

Online Greek classes from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

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  5. July 2017

Greek phrases and dictionaries *for refugees*

Google Drive folder contains: --Phrases in Greek/Farsi/Arabic for communicating problems in camps.  With transliteration in Farsi/Arabic script.  --Mini Greek lexicons in:   Arabic Farsi Sorani Kurmanji Urdu French (Lexicons are made by Embassy of Switzerland in Greece in collaboration with UNHCR Greece, EADAP and METAdrasi, financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC and with the support of the Hellenic Republic)

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  8. July 2017

Entaxei: Basic Greek for Arabic and Farsi Speakers

Unfortunately, the alphabet section is in Greek only, and throughout, there is no transliteration into Arabic letters. But this could be helpful with the aid of a teacher. Audio files, available at the same site, could help.

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  2. August 2017

Humanitarian Interpreters and Cultural Mediators in Greece

Facebook group (in Greek and English) for people doing interpeting and mediation work in Greece. Also open to camp managers, staff managers, CwC (communicating with communities) teams. 

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  8. September 2017

Mini Medical Dictionary

This PDF has Greek with equivalents in Arabic, French, Farsi and Urdu, as well as photos. It is written for Greek practitioners (words are transliterated in Greek), but can be useful for refugees too.

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