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  6. March 2016

Infant feeding guidelines

Guidelines for volunteers and refugees, in English, Arabic, Farsi and Greek.

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  15. February 2016

Hypothermia / CPR / AED guidelines

Illustrated. In color. Prepared by Boat Refugee Foundation.

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  10. February 2016

How to Use an Emergency Blanket under Wet Clothing

Handy photos for treating people who may be at risk of hypothermia! Remember: emergency blankets do not *warm* a person; they only keep them from getting colder.

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  10. February 2016

Hypothermia Treatment Basics for Volunteers

Learn the difference between mild and severe hypothermia.

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  19. February 2016

Boat landing protocol

Developed by Stichting Bootvluchteling and UNHCR -- the best procedure for calm and safety.

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  16. August 2016

Mental Health and Psychosocial Reprot

Compiled by major aid agencies with guidelines for volunteers to provide mental-health support to refugees. Provides "advice on protecting and supporting the mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants in Europe. It describes key principles and appropriate interventions." Link leads to website with links to a downloadable report in numerous languages (English, Arabic, Croatian, German, Greek, French, Italian, Portuguese, Slovenian, Spanish). Click further to download PDF.

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