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Clothes donations needed Skaramagas (Athens)

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10. August 2017
type of need:
general need
Tags: Other countries (outside Greece) | Greece: Central (Athens area) | General | clothing and shoes | purchase locally | import | general

 A Drop in the Ocean, Athens
Johan Kringlen
tel 698 489 1298 and 0047 40093889 (What's App) Cc

A Drop in the Ocean is distributing the clothes in Skaramagas Camp (approx 3000 residents). We are running a market for the residents and need more clothes! Read more about the market here:…/update-the-drop-market-and-w…/

Female (16 years +)
Bra, Leggings, Underwear

Male (16 years +)
Underwear, Shorts, Shoes (size 38-42)

Girl (2-15 years)
Underwear, Leggings, Dresses, Shorts

Boys (2-15 years)
Shorts, Trousers, Underwear, Shoes (size 27-37)

Contact me for delivery/pick-up. Thanks!

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