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Post your needs and offers on Here is what you can do on greecevol.

volunteer calls

Do you need people helping you? Looking for translators, cooks, carpenters, etc. ? It does not matter if you are an organisation or just a team like the 'kitchen group', just post your needs for volunteers here.
Explain what you need, describe what skills you expect and what the requirements. new volunteer call


You need a drill, furnitures, winter clothes, children shoes, wood supply or even empty space to hold a workshop?
Post your needs on the needlist so that others can help you. People like to give goods and plenty of people have some things at home that they don't need any more. You can also ask for money for the thing you need. new need

donation offers

Whatever you have to offer, just post it here. There is always a chance that someone is looking exactly for it and people don't even know that the thing might exist and make their life easier. new donation offer

room sharing posts

Are you looking for a room to share? Do you have a room and look for room mates?
Post it here and find room mates. new room sharing post


Is your organisation not in the list yet.
Describe your organisation here to make it known. new team/organisation


Do you know a good place? A falafel restaurant, a tool shop, an place to stay, or even a new camp or squat?
Post it with google maps coordinates and description. This is of great value. new place

links or notes

A good website? A useful note? Post here if you want to share a website or just a note on a subject.
Post it here to share it. Add the tags that it will be found easily. new link or note


Give us some feedback about your experience so others can learn from your night mares ... new feedback (after your trip)


Every day the same activity and people needed? Create a schedule for your activities.
Let people sign up for a shift per Internet. You can choose your shift times and restrict access to listed people.
This tool might just be the thing you were looking for!! new schedule


If you have any questions or suggestions, please send us an email.
We can code for you custom made with nerd certificate!