Thessaloniki (main city pin)

17. October 2016
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active organisations:

  6. September 2016

Refugees in Thessaloniki

Supporting the parks, streets, empty buildings

Thessaloniki (main city pin) |
  6. September 2016


food in Thessaloniki

Philoxenia Kitchen -- approx location | Thessaloniki (main city pin) |
  21. October 2016

Soul Food Kitchen

providing food on the streets of Thessaloniki

Help Refugees warehouse | Thessaloniki (main city pin) |
  6. September 2016

Refugee Biriyani & Bananas: the streets project

Food for the Refugees in Thessaloniki Parks / train station and also Vaichori camp

Thessaloniki (main city pin) |
  27. June 2017

Open Cultural Center

Thessaloniki (main city pin) |
  14. July 2017

Team Kitrinos Healthcare

We are a team made up of volunteer doctors, nurses, paramedics and other allied health professionals from all over the world. We work with translators and non-clinical staff with the aim of providing medical care to refugees affected by the migrant crisis.

Thessaloniki (main city pin) |
  11. August 2017

Open Cultural Center

The Open Cultural Center (OCC) is a voluntary organization that creates learning and cultural programmes for refugees living in Polikastro, Greece.

Thessaloniki (main city pin) |
  16. August 2017

Advocates Abroad

Legal and non-legal advocates for refugees

Mytilini | Moria Detention Center | Thessaloniki (main city pin) | Athens (main city pin) |
  16. August 2017

Mobile Info Team

The Mobile Info Team provides legal information to refugees in Northern Greece and gets their story to the outside world.

Thessaloniki (main city pin) |
  17. August 2017


Providing food with compassion to refugees and vulnerable groups in crisis

Thessaloniki (main city pin) |
  21. August 2017

Greece Communitere

Greece Communitere is headquartered in Thessaloniki, Greece, and provides community space, opportunities for learning and skills development, and a lending library of tools and assorted resources and materials. We offer a collaborative learning environment focused on people first.

Thessaloniki (main city pin) |
  8. October 2017

Family to Family

Greek NGO providing housing for displaced families in Northern Greece

Thessaloniki (main city pin) |

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