Greek NGO focused on medical and humanitarian intervention
6. September 2016
Places of activity:
Tags: protection / work with kids | medical / health care | education | general support | Mainland: North and East (Thessaloniki area) | Mainland: Central (Athens area) | Islands: Other (not Lesvos) | Islands: Lesvos

Our main goal is the elimination of social and economic exclusion of vulnerable social groups and the defense of their personal and social rights. Our beneficiaries: Greek poor, homeless, uninsured, economic immigrants, asylum seekers/ refugees, unaccompanied minors, trafficking victims, sex workers, children begging in the streets, injection drug users, Roma, HIV seropositive people / PLWA, Hepatitis B and C patients, MSM (Men having Sex with Men), prisoners, people released from prisons, Greek families that face the repercussions of the financial crisis … any person that faces social or / and financial exclusion and is deprived of basic goods. ***PRAKSIS is active in PATRA, THESSALONIKI, ORESTIADA, IDOMENI (KILKIS), LEROS, KOS, LESVOS, SAMOS, CHIOS

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