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6. September 2016
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How does this work? This is a virtual space where anyone working in the aid for refugees, from anywhere to anywhere can sell, donate and directly buy needed items through suppliers that deliver to the spot. Transparency and trust is the base of any trade, therefore we require you to provide proofs of activities and feedback to buyers - just by posting pictures of receipts/transactions. Then easy - Create a post, choose a title and follow the example: / NEEDED Who needs? What is needed? Location: Camp, squat, warehouse Online shop with the item: Delivery adress: Contact person: Description of the project (if applicable): / FOR SALE Who is selling? Where the fund goes to? Buy online at (provide address) Quantity available: Report progress: Description of the project (if applicable): / ONLINE SHOPS WISHLISTS / TIPS Found a good deal? A wholesales online contact? A refugee/volunteer friendly business? Discounts? Drop us that tip! / FREE What? Where to pick up? Do you send it, whats the cost? Contact person: Status: RULES This is a marketplace only created to facilitate the delivery of aid goods from home to people in need. General donation pages and personal fundraising is not allowed, however if you have a specific cost/needed item, you can find a specific supplier and you are welcome to create a post.

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