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10. February 2016UNHCR Lesvos newsletter

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10. February 2016Aegean wave height forecast

Higher waves, fewer boats...usually.

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10. February 2016UNHCR daily data on Lesvos

Numbers are based on police reports, largely from number of people *registered* (not necessarily arrived).

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2. June 2016UNHCR Data Platform -- Mediterranean

Dig down for lots of maps and reports.

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18. January 2017Camp populations and map (Ministry of Health)

Was being updated weekly--but seems to have stalled (early Feb 2017). Generally matches UNHCR numbers. Map also shows which medical teams are working where.


--camp locations are imprecise (don't use for navigation; use pins here in Places directory or 

--individual camp populations are not necessarily up to date; every camp does not report every week (applies to UNHCR data too). 

--total population listed here does not include people in apartments, etc. For total refugee population in Greece, see UNHCR numbers (copied to 

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19. January 2017Camp population data via Greek government

Spreadsheet (feeds to map at showing population numbers, copied from weekly "summary statement of refugee flows." Easier than finding on Greek government site or digging through UNHCR site. Note that not all camps report every week, so data on specific camps may not be accurate at any given time.

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