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Lesvos for Refugees Google map

Major camps, services and safe landing spots marked.

Greece and Cyprus donation-collection points (IN GREEK)

Updated with regular needs. Use Google Translate. Maintained by

Lesvos Volunteer Map

All the spots on it (shopping, hotels, camps, beaches, etc) are also under 'Places' on this site. Click each point for more info (phone numbers, bus schedules, etc). You can hide layers that aren't necessary, and save the whole thing to your phone (star to save under My Maps).

Greece camps map

For easiest searching and orientation. All the spots on it are also under 'Places' on this site.

Northern Greece Volunteers Map

Thessaloniki and northern camps and services. *For general orientation only. For the most current collection of pins, see the Places directory on this site.*

Chios map for volunteers

From this site: all Chios map pins on a Google Map.

Athens map for volunteers

Dynamic list of all Athens pins from this site. Click 'show results on map' to see a Google Map.

Western Greece volunteers map

All pins from this site in Western Greece on a Google Map.

Lesvos shopping map

From this site: dynamic Google Map of all Lesvos shopping locations

Athens shopping map

From this very site: all Athens shopping pins in Athens, on a Google Map.

Northern Greece shopping map

From this site: all northern Greece shops on a Google Map.

Camp populations and map (Ministry of Health)

Was being updated weekly--but seems to have stalled (early Feb 2017). Generally matches UNHCR numbers. Map also shows which medical teams are working where.


--camp locations are imprecise (don't use for navigation; use pins here in Places directory or 

--individual camp populations are not necessarily up to date; every camp does not report every week (applies to UNHCR data too). 

--total population listed here does not include people in apartments, etc. For total refugee population in Greece, see UNHCR numbers (copied to

Warehouses in Greece

From this very site: all warehouses in the Places directory, pinned on a map.

Athens Markets

Map of the days and locations of the street markets ("Laiki") where affordable prices for fruits and vegetables can be found, especially later in the day (2-4 pm) when stands are starting to close.

Also has dairy vending machines and supermarkets.