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10. February 2016Lesvos for Refugees Google map

Major camps, services and safe landing spots marked.

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10. February

IRC/Mercy Corps website with info in English / Arabic / Farsi. Covers Serbia, Macedonia, Greece (Athens, Lesvos and Kos). Nicely designed and mobile-friendly. Good internal links to legal details, news, communication tools, etc. Also available as an app.

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25. February 2016Red Cross Restoring Family Links

ICRC's missing-persons team.

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15. February 2016Greek - Arabic - English phrase list for refugees

Key phrases to help Arabic speakers to communicate with Greeks.

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30. March 2016Arabic broadcasts on Greek TV

News bulletins in Arabic, after the usual Greek news broadcasts on ERT1 (Greek: EPT1) at 16:00, 19:00 and 22:00. Stream online.

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29. October 2016W2EU Welcome to Greece guide

Arabic: Farsi: PDFs in all languages: This guide includes a whole chapter on the special situation on the islands for all refugees arrived since March 20, 2016, in addition to a larger section for those on the mainland, plus detailed information on family reunification and relocation, plus a lot of useful contacts mainly in Athens and Thessaloniki.

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31. October 2016Teaching resources (courtesy No Border School)

Google Drive of materials for teaching English and German materials, courtesy of No Border School. Includes Farsi-English and Arabic-English materials.

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2. December 2016Gas canister safety videos

In English, Arabic and Farsi. Prevent fires!

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12. January 2017Refugees 2 Refugees R2R Solidarity Call Center

Refugee-staffed call center, based in Thessaloniki.

+302311180903 (Mon - Fri 10.00 - 16.00)


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28. January 2017Athens Markets

Map of the days and locations of the street markets ("Laiki") where affordable prices for fruits and vegetables can be found, especially later in the day (2-4 pm) when stands are starting to close.

Also has dairy vending machines and supermarkets.

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30. April 2017Greek language learning materials for migrants and refugees

Free download of basic Greek material.  (You will need to already know the alphabet, however.)

(Direct link to PDF:

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