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Are You Syrious? news

Daily updates on the situation, from Turkey up through the Balkans. Also at

News That Moves

Quick short updates about the situation. Very practical. Multiple languages. From Internews.

Arabic broadcasts on Greek TV

News bulletins in Arabic, after the usual Greek news broadcasts on ERT1 (Greek: EPT1) at 16:00, 19:00 and 22:00. Stream online.

Internews "Refugee Rumours"

Dispelling rumors, one at a time. The newsletter is circulated weekly, on Fridays. Farsi: Arabic: Greek: Email subscription at .

Refugees Deeply

In-depth analysis of the refugee situation, following the model of Syria Deeply.

InterNews "In the Loop"

What refugees are discussing -- good way of seeing current problems, issues, concerns at camps. Also available in Greek: Subscribe:

refugees tv

refugee-produced reports التحدث عن معاناة الاجئيين

Boat Report - Lesvos

FB page where Lesvos boat arrivals are posted. (May not be totally complete.)